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The ratio of the Gifted European Mathematicians (G.E.M.) project was born from the recognition of the need for many European countries for highly qualified youngers in mathematics, science and technology, that are available to mobility, with high language skills and able to propose innovative solutions for the social and economic growth.

The context of the school partners in G.E.M. arises from the needs identified on the target group (students 14-17 years old) and identifies two topics with similar needs: Maths Literacy, English scientific skills.

The 3 general objectives were identified:

O1. Putting Maths into practice by correlating real life situations to maths text, a text discontinuous from specialist vocabulary, so that every student is able to comprehend the selective vocabulary, that is a base to build the "mental model" and to start the phase of the cycle of mathematisation.

O2. Promoting Maths Literacy, so that every student is able to understand, use computational thinking, employ procedures, data and mathematical tools to describe, interpret, operate assessments, and be  awared that mathematics permeates the world; to make informed and logical decisions, that is a characteristic of reflective citizens with a constructive role.

O3. Promoting the Scientific English Literacy, Increasing English Skills in the scientific field in order to specialize the competence in the access to scientific disciplines and as instruments of growth in intercultural relations for the mobility within the European workplace.

During the project implementation teachers and students from the partners schools developed the following intellectual outputs:

1."Mathematics e-Syllabus:  certifing 3 rd Key competence" on MATHS CLOUD PLATFORM-is an educational digital path designed for students on"e-competences framework for maths " in the framework of the" European Mathematical Competences" that every student should possess.

2. Maths cloud platform-is a digital learning enviroment allows students to improve Maths Skills following the section, exercises of the "Mathematics e-Syllabus" that is a digital Maths curriculum designed by all Partners Schools.

3. A corpus for specialized language useful for our learners; it provides grammar reference, functional language, content-obligatory language and content-compatible language for each word.

4. Quiz_Mathish is a tablet application for the comprehension of logical-mathematical-computational thinking problems. Mathish aims at improving the students’ problemsolving abilities, helping them to understand scientific texts in a playful way.

Student Area

The GEM platform provides an area dedicated to the student. The student, in the phase of registration, in addition to his personal data, can insert the code provided by his teacher. In this way, it is part of a virtual classroom created by the teacher who will be able to monitor all his activities and his progress. The code can also be signed after registration. At first access, the 4 training areas are shown (numbers, function, geometry, data and statistics). For each area there are different units with video lessons, learning materials, exercises, etc.

There is also a tool called "dictionary", in 6 languages, which contains all the terms related to the 4 training areas, with audio definitions and example images.

At the end of each unit's study, a final test is scheduled. All attempts are stored and a percentage average is assigned. The student also has a direct messaging tool with his teacher.

There is also a tool called "dictionary", in 6 languages, which contains all the terms related to the 4 training areas, with audio and samples of pictures.

At the end of the final tests for each area, it will be created a certificate containing the level of fulfillment for each unit belonging to the area.

Teacher Area

The GEM platform provides an area dedicated to the teacher. The teacher, after registering, receives a unique code. Through this code, which must be communicated to his students, the teacher can create virtual classes and individually follow the progress of their activities on the platform.

In fact, the platform provides a complete monitoring system for each individual student: time of access, obtained results and progress. A direct messaging tool is also available, with which the teacher can communicate with all of his students.

Finally, the training course is also available for the students in the teaching area in order to verify the contents.



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